Monday, February 7, 2011

The Shoulder Padded Jacket

Not just any shoulder padded jacket though. This red rose jacket was part of H&Ms "Garden Collection" last Spring and I myself was able to purchase this baby for a whopping $56. Although the purchase was in fact a bargain, to people who do not know what label is on the inside, this jacket screams fashion and power. Not only do the shoulder pads alone give one a sense of power and confidence but the color itself gives off a powerful aura. The Ferrari red all over the world is seen as a color of confidence, power and attitude-paired up with those shoulders, this blazer will make anyone feel powerful and in control. What I love about this jacket is that it is strikingly feminine as well. The color red has always been attached to the female whether its through red lips, the red pumps, or the sexy red dress (Chris de Burgh's "lady in red" anyone?) but what also attaches a sense of femininity to this jacket are the delicate red roses that cover it. This jacket is the perfect accessory to feel powerful and feminine no matter what's under it.


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