Monday, February 7, 2011

The Oxfords

By Valentina Franco

The Oxford shoe was originally worn by young men who attended Oxford University, setting a fashion trend and making the oxford shoes one of the most worn styles throughout history. Recently, these shoes have made a comeback, and are available in many colors and variations. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the modern Oxford shoes, is that now women wear them just as much as men do. In the photograph above, it is impossible to tell whether a male or a female is wearing the pair of shoes. One would tend to think it is a male because of the style and colors, but it was actually a young woman who was wearing them in the street. Women are inherently acquiring power by being able to purchase and wear these manly shoes. Seeing the young woman with these shoes had an impact on me because the sole fact that she made the decision to wear these shoes gave her a sort of confidence and power beyond her gender. These shoes are a classic example of what is "fashionable", so fashionable that hundreds of years after their original appearance, these shoes are modifying trends and setting new cultural ideas.

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