Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Knee-High Boot

Knee high boots make a powerful statement in a few ways. The powerful feeling most likely stems from combat-army type boots, signifying perhaps some sort of authoritative power. This type of power tends to translate in women's fashion as "confidence." However, I think the most powerful statement these boots make is a dedication to looking attractive. The extra half-foot of fabric that allows the boots to reach the knee has very little utilitarian value. However, it does send a message, perhaps mostly to women, that investing in these boots makes me both trend-conscious and aesthetically aware that boots that reach the knee creates a flattering shape. It reminds me of the "Prius Wave" in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" that there is a code among trendy women who have all invested in the knee-high boot. These boots represent, I would say, the Democratization of Fashion.

Nicolle D'Onofrio

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