Monday, February 7, 2011

Funky in Fur

by Sofya Gladysheva
Throughout history the fur coat has always symbolized stature and wealth, but this modern female has extended what it means to wear this garment . Unlike the many older Parisian women, who almost exclusively wear real fur, she is making a statement with a crazy colored faux piece. As she struts down the street, she cannot help but turn heads because of the sheer size and color of this coat. It catches you off guard, and makes you look twice. Was that girl really wearing a pink and green giant coat? Her style speaks to the power of the fur coat as established by the ages, but also to the newer sense of power it gives women who can now play with this timeless, and aristocratic fashion item. This fur coat acts as an opposition to fashion in the sense that it breaks expectation. Seeing this multicolored garment stands in contrast to the traditional idea of a fur coat, that being elegant and classy. She is living out the paradox with this coat, displaying power through assumed stature, and at the same time, rebellion of what it takes to be part of that class, all at once commanding more attention than the prestigious Académie française behind her.

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