Monday, February 7, 2011

Gucci Boston Bag-The Power of The Label.

The power of the label is an undeniable fashion force that continues to drive the purchase of luxury goods. Fashion has the ability to transform seemingly meaningless symbols such as the continuous interlocking G's on this Gucci bag into an emblem of status, wealth, and fashion consciousness. In 1921, Guccio Gucci entered the fashion world bringing with him trademarks such as green and red striped webbing and the metal horsebit. It didn't take long before an unknown Italian man's creations began to acquire the sartorial value we associate with this fashion powerhouse today. The admiration of celebrities such as Grace Kelly and the creation of the eponymous Jackie O bag allowed Gucci's equestrian symbols and monogram to climb to the highest rank of fashion brands.

Today the power associated with Gucci's logo has led to a consumer obsession with the brand that threatens to taint its luxury image. Gucci's trademarks can be seen adorned on shoddily created fakes on Canal Street, worn garishly head to toe in Soulja Boy's "Gucci Bandana" music video, and in the first name of rapper Gucci Mane's moniker. As the obsession with the brand's prestigious image continues to grow, the allure of Gucci's celebrated monogram may also be responsible for its demise.

-Michelle Marques


  1. woah, how much did it cost? it's perfect

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