Monday, February 7, 2011

The Leather Jacket

By Bianca Murillo

Various fabrics have managed to be a mainstay throughout time and the history of fashion. Leather has done just that. More specifically, the leather jacket has been a classic piece: from James Dean to Kim Kardashian to runway shows it's be transcendental. It is sexy, versatile and can be worn with next to anything: a little back dress, a pair of skinny jeans or sweat pants. There is something effortlessly sexy about the leather jacket which conveys an equally effortless power. Part of it stems from the fashion/gender power dynamic; the leather jacket is androgynous as it is versatile. Heterosexual, homosexual, man, woman, child-- anyone can pull off a leather jacket. Furthermore, the leather jacket can be made personal to reflect a certain attitude. Perhaps a cropped black jacket, or a brown collared jacket, or even long or in colors, zippers or snaps, faux leather, paired with other leather items-- the possibilities are innumerable. The leather jacket is a powerhouse.

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