Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Katy Chapman: Inside Design: A Look at the Method Behind the Madness


by: Shireen Cohen

In the article "Inside Design: A Look at the Method Behind the Madness", Katy Chapman depicts the typical process as to how fashion designers get from sketches to production. At the beginning of the sketching process, designers turn to a number of different outlets for inspiration, ranging from trend forecasting services, television and movies, cultural events and art galleries. Once the trends have been decided upon, the designer tries to pull it all together to create a harmonious seasonal line. Designers create storyboards and use sample garments when presenting their ideas to the design team and sometimes management.

Sample storyboard

Color chips are then sent out to dyers, while artwork is created for any surface detail for the possible pieces in the collection. Upon approval, designs are sent to factories and mills for sampling and production. Mills do their best to interpret the look the designers requested but sometimes fall short and need to do revisions and reworks. Chapman states the main problem in the designer's refusal of the mill's work stems from the miscommunication that occurs due to differences in jargon. Chapman further stresses the need for education in designer in textiles and the mill's work so that the dialog could be more productive and beneficial for both the designer and the mill workers.

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