Thursday, May 6, 2010


by Alex Goldman

Promostyl Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 Print Directions

Within the fashion industry exists a complex hierarchy of power relations. The hierarchy is made up of all the players that live within the fashion world. These include the designers, models, photographers, fashion house owners, magazine editors, graphic designers, marketing and public relations firms, advertisers, journalists and more, all the way down to the retailers and consumers. When it comes to fashion and power, who has the power in the fashion industry to decide what is fashionable each season? It is important to predict early on which trends will be popular, because fashion designers, buyers, and marketers need direction to reel in consumer interest. “The ability to forecast fashion trends is necessary because the design, development and production of most garments takes several months, so product concepts are usually initiated anywhere between two weeks and a year prior to going on sale” (Goworek, 31). Taking Promostyl as an archetype of a prestigious trend forecasting agency, one can observe the extent to which a trend forecaster’s vision for Summer 2010 is translated into advertisements, editorials and retail collections.

Promostyl Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 Print Directions

Above is Promostyl’s Predicted Trend: Wild

First in a Zara store window display, second on a person on the street in Paris photographed by the Sartorialist on 10-04-10

Promostyl Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 Print Directions

Promostyl Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 Print Directions

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