Thursday, May 6, 2010

French Brand Power through the Iconic Chanel “Double Overlapping C’s” Logo

by Jenny Seo

Counterfeiting items leads back into the idea that imitation dominates social groups so the lower groups stay with the trend. Fashion would only survive as a social system when formal societies with class structures exist. The Chanel “Double Overlapping C’s” logo allows this hierarchy to form. This hierarchy creates a trickle down theory with imitations and counterfeit items shadowing the desired power brand.

While counterfeiting items poses a threat to the moral standards of society as well as the original designer, there is also an opposing yet mystifying side to the other spectrum. Would brand names be as desired as they are now if it was financially impossible for the masses to obtain them? People purchase these counterfeit imitations only because they cannot afford the authentic item. Many covet the real merchandise, but it is not financially feasible for the masses. The Chanel “Double Overlapping C’s” Logo will always stand as a desired symbol of status and represent the strength of French brand power.

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