Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Extraordinary Power of Carine Roitfeld

by Emily Kearns

While she certainly holds power as the editor in chief of one of the most, if not the most, influential fashion magazines in the world, Carine Roitfeld clearly exhibits power in other ways. First, she has shown that by simply endorsing a designer or model, she can make or break their career. She has launched the careers of countless designers by putting their clothes in Vogue and has turned models into supermodels by featuring them on the pages of the magazine.

Roitfeld also displays her power as both an editor and a stylist, dictating trends and, ultimately, deciding what is fashionable. Her willingness to take risks as an editor and stylist has, in turn, helped Vogue as a business, as advertising revenue has increased since she took over.

Moreover, Roitfeld’s willingness to be unconventional plays a large part in her power. While the position of editor in chief is inherently powerful, French vogue’s Carine Roitfeld is one of the most powerful figures in the fashion industry as a whole and she exhibits and demonstrates this power in various ways.

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