Saturday, April 23, 2011

Film Costume: The King's Speech (2010)

By: Angela Gahng

King's Speech is about King George VI of Britain overcoming his speech imperative struggle. King George VI is played by Colin Firth who is thrown into power after his brother, George gives up his throne as the king. Bertie, King Geroge VI believes he is unfit for the role because of his speech problem. The story is all about the struggle to overcome his stammered speech. It was interesting to see that his title and attire that went along with his role gave the character so much power and control. If worn any basic suite or jacket he could easily blend in with the crowd in Britain. Through his formal general suite that clearly associated him as a royal hier, gave him presences and attention. If an ordinary citizen had a speech imperative problem he or she back in the days would have had trouble being taken serious. But through Bertie's title and royal appearance he is respected in the crowd. When he is presented to the general public he comes out always dressed in the commander and chief attire. The badges along with the gold sleeves and buttons shows presences. The suite covers his insecure speech imperative problem and allows the public to view him as a respectful figure, a king.

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